eLearning services

Senscia bring together deep risk management insight, with strong communication skills.

  • We make great eLearning content and provide training and consulting services.
  • We specialise in enterprise risk management, information security and privacy issues. Think that sounds a bit dull and uninspiring?
  • …Then think again because we are masters at taking a serious subject and making it sparkle. We capture the important details and show their importance by fitting them into the bigger picture. Our content is eye-opening and mind-expanding, and will help your people manage risk better.
  • We always start by understanding the customer’s needs before offering solutions.

awareness campaigns

Achieve even better results by embedding our e-learning services in awareness campaigns.

  • Dropping eLearning on your people without an explanation can lead to confusion. If you have a message to share, it helps to prepare people to hear it. Build context, establish relevance, explain the purpose, set expectations.
  • As a next step you need to engage your people. Our eLearning content or training in combination with our consulting services are the best way to achieve this.
  • If you want your people to remember a message, it needs repeating. Not just the same words, over and over. It needs to be repeated in different ways, like adding layers to a painting, not just using one colour all the time.


  • We offer consulting as a value-added service for our clients whenever needed.
  • Risks can be complex. Risk management is not a standardised practice, like accountancy for examples. There’s lots of ways to do it.
  • We can help you make sense of your risk management problems and find practical, concrete ways forward.

face-to-face training

  • We provided training for many large organisations and professional risk bodies, up to the most senior levels.
  • These trainings give more opportunities to have deeper levels of discussion and interaction.
  • Specific issues can be workshopped, case studies can be analysed, questions can be answered.

Are you worried that eLearning is often a bad experience for people?

We know what you mean.

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