DemosSenscia Demo 2 – Anatomy of a Risk Manager

This video was part of 5 hours of eLearning on the subjective of risk management. The specific section discusses Cognitive Biases and how they may affect our ability to consider risks, both as individuals and as groups. It finishes by referring to an earlier case study of a significant risk event.

  • Length 1m30s
  • Visual style Photorealism + GFX
  • Format SCORM extracted to MP4 video (for demo)
  • Content difficulty Complex/conceptual
  • Interactivity Video only
  • Demo continuity Montage of excerpts

Looking to learn the ins and outs of risk management in a fun and interactive way? Look no further than “Anatomy of a Risk Manager,” the exciting e-learning game that will you uncover everything you need to know about the key qualities and skills required to be a successful risk manager.

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