face-to-face trainings

We have provided training for many large organisations and professional risk bodies, up to the most senior levels, all around the world. How can we help you make a difference? Here are some example training courses/workshops below:

KRI workshops

Companies are overloaded with metrics. Can you identify the key risk indicators that will be critical to your future?

cybersecurity briefings for senior management

Digital and cyber risks are all around us, yet they’re often poorly understood. We’ll tell senior management everything they need to know so they can tackle those risks head-on and lead with confidence.

risk champions training

Risk champions sit between the business operations that take risks and the risk team who coordinate risk taking. This hybrid role is a tricky one to get right but we can help you get there.

auditing ERM

One of the greatest risks for any organisation is to become complacent about their risk management system because it’s been working so well. We show auditors what questions to ask and what signs to look for when assessing risk management effectiveness.

e-learning services

a cost effective way of reaching a large number of people
at a time that is convenient for them

You get to provide them with information, help develop skills, build positive motivation. In return, you can get revealing feedback and helpful metrics.

Are you worried that eLearning is often a bad experience for people?

We know what you mean.

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