consulting services

We offer consulting as a value-added service for our clients whenever needed. We also do this to ensure that our knowledge and skills are sharpened by exposure to the most difficult problems our clients run up against. Below are just a couple examples of services we’ve performed for our clients. Maybe you need help with a different kind of issue?

board and executive engagement briefings

Top management often appreciates it when outsiders help them make sense of changes in the business environment and how risks can disrupt the bigger picture. Perhaps we can help you put together a high-impact briefing?


risk analysis

Some risks can break your organisation. Sometimes all it takes to fend off a disaster is a deep-dive analysis, completed with the help of experts. Let us help you with that.

“Senscia always exceeds our expectations. Repeatedly delivering creative, high-quality work on time and in budget. Their professionalism, attention to detail and customer care is outstanding. A real find.”

– Richard Hollis,
CEO, RiskFactory

risk maturity roadmap creation

Risk management alone isn’t enough to get your risk exposure right. To ensure continued support from top management, you have to evaluate your performance and design a credible roadmap to develop risk maturity. We have the right expertise to help you put together that capability maturity roadmap.

reporting dashboards

There’s no point to first-rate risk analysis if no one is paying attention to your reports. Great risk reporting is indispensable to achieving lasting change and keeping your organisation safe.

e-learning services

a cost effective way of reaching a large number of people
at a time that is convenient for them

You get to provide them with information, help develop skills, build positive motivation. In return, you can get revealing feedback and helpful metrics.

Are you worried that eLearning is often a bad experience for people?

We know what you mean.

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