awareness campaigns

For a new practice to become “the way we do things around here”, that practice has to be explained, illustrated and repeated.

We have a team of creative people who can help you develop exactly the right messages for your organisation in language that is provocative and to the point. We’d be happy to discuss your needs with you but below are already a few examples of our work.


It often helps to have printed or web based graphic assets which can provide additional information, illustrations or reminders of a subject that has been tackled in an eLearning.

Here’s an example we created to accompany an information security awareness campaign.


podcast creation

“Senscia always exceeds our expectations. Repeatedly delivering creative, high-quality work on time and in budget. Their professionalism, attention to detail and customer care is outstanding. A real find.”

– Richard Hollis,
CEO, RiskFactory

video blog creation

Explore a selection of our video blog that we created for company XYZ

internal awareness and teaser campaigns

e-learning services

a cost effective way of reaching a large number of people
at a time that is convenient for them

You get to provide them with information, help develop skills, build positive motivation. In return, you can get revealing feedback and helpful metrics.

Are you worried that eLearning is often a bad experience for people?

We know what you mean.

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