e-learning services

E-Learning is a cost effective way of reaching a large number of people at a time that is convenient for them. You get to provide them with information, help develop skills, build positive motivation. In return, you can get revealing feedback and helpful metrics. We help:

  • Work out your essential messages and how to get them across
  • Walk you through the factors which add costs so you can decide what is best for you
  • By listening and offering ideas to enhance your existing plans

for other clients

To get going, take a look at a few excerpts from projects we’ve done for other clients.

unique, tailor made e-learning services

Everything is bespoke to your organisation from look and feel, through structure and content.

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existing off-the-shelf courses

We develop courses tackling high-level subjects. The basics are covered quickly and make great subject introductions.

“Senscia’s training materials are a consistent hit with our staff – the feedback gets the highest scores of all the other training in our organisation.”

– GS, Group CRO,
Middle-Eastern industrial conglomerate

partially customised courses

Maybe you like one of the off-the-shelf courses but want to change a few details to make it more relevant to your organisation.

“… vast risk management knowledge and experience, delivered in a funny and highly interactive way. We have been particularly impressed by their ability to create trust… we are happy we could get their advice and support”

– Dr. E.M., Head of Corporate Risk Management,
Global pharmaceutical company

hosting services

Don’t have a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Don’t worry. We can host your course for you. No one even needs to know. We’ll make it look like it’s yours.

Fast delivery, quality reporting, scaleable tens of thousands of users.

“If no one is listening, it doesn’t matter what you are saying. We persuade people to take risks seriously.”

We’re very clear that these are your risks. We don’t manage them for you.
In an uncertain world, policies and rules only take you so far. You need enaged and empowered people who can still manage risks, when the policies have nothing left to say.

That may sound easy. But getting people to a place where they consistently do this is hard.

We act as your partner to make sense of risk, leaving you more time to get on with doing the risk management itself.

Are you worried that eLearning is often a bad experience for people?

We know what you mean.

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