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Where are you based?

Our main offices and studios are in a quiet location just outside Brussels, in the beautiful country of Belgium but our team are located in many other countries and timezones. There’s usually someone at work in Senscia every minute of the day.

How much does eLearning cost to produce?

That’s very much like asking what a car costs to produce. A Rolls-Royce does not cost the same as a Daewoo even though both might carry 5 people. A supercar oil change might cost more than the purchase price of a family-sized SUV from a budget brand; it might seem outrageous at first but there are good reasons.

The variable factors which affect how much an eLearning product costs (in order of impact from higher to lower) are: intensity & quality of video/graphics used, duration of training course, complexity of planned interactions, quality of the instructional design, balance of effort between provider and in-house staff. We can guide you to making decisions which boost the balance between cost and quality outcomes, compared to wasting money on gimmicks which won’t help your business.

Ultimately, eLearning costs are related to what you want to achieve. We have had many clients tell us of terrible experiences with other providers who were a waste of money, usually because there was a lack of clarity about what they were trying to achieve. We never start production until all our design criteria are fulfilled, to everyone’s satisfaction. We don’t have any unhappy customers.

Do you provide face to face training to accompany your eLearning courses?

Sometimes. We like people and we love face-to-face contact. But it is time consuming. It’s something we would like to discuss rather than give a straight yes/no answer to. We are aware that large awareness campaigns conducted through elearning can be enhanced with a really good kick-off event for example.

Are the images and music you use subject to copyright?

Some content we produce ourselves and retain copyright for, other images and music we purchase from stock resources. Everything we buy has full copyright approval so that anything that is provided to an end customer is royalty free. We guarantee it.

Do you do micro-learning?

Yes. Traditionally, big eLearning programmes have been put together and given a mandatory label (‘push approach’). Many organisations are now moving towards a ‘pull approach’ for in-house training, where staff go and get the learning resources they think they need, in small segments. Think of it like providing a YouTube channel of content dedicated to your subject. We can help build your library of content for you.

Do you make courses on subjects other than risk-based issues?

It’s certainly possible but we would be very careful about how we manage the process of interacting with subject matter experts to create content. That being said, we have direct experience of working in a very wide range of organisation types: Automotive, Financial, Pharmaceutical, Telecoms, IT Delivery, FinTech, Government (Legal Services and Intelligence), Not-for-Profit etc. It makes us pretty good at asking questions and not over-stepping the limits of what we think we know.

How would you describe yourselves in 5 words?

“Precise, trustworthy, insightful and creative”. That’s exactly FIVE words. If you were expecting five adjectives then we’d add “pedantic” or “funny” so we didn’t disappoint you 😉

Who do you work with?

The subjects we specialise in (risk, security and privacy) have so far meant our clients are larger, multi-national organisations. But we are good at fitting our products to needs, so we are happy to work with other kinds of organisations too. In terms of geographic reach, our clients mainly come from Europe, the United States and the Middle-East although we have experience in Japan, Asia and Australasia too. Perhaps it is better to say that we like to work with people who have a serious message to get across but like to do so in an interesting way.

Content Development Process

What if we wanted to include company sensitive information inside a course?

This is pretty common. We almost always sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with clients and we are very security conscious in our communications. We are very happy to work with any additional security procedures or practices that are part of your organisation’s internal security policies.

Our company has fixed branding guidelines for look and feel; can you work with that?

This is quite normal for us as a starting point. We listen carefully about how strict the guidelines are and we understand how much creative space exists after that. It pays to get these things established at the beginning of a project, rather than finding out half way through production. That’s why we use a thorough checklist for discovering organisational and technical requirements, before we agree a price for our project. These requirements drive the product that is produced.

Do you have a process for working with our Training people and Subject Matter Experts, or do you need to do everything yourselves when making courses?

There are a range of specific roles and responsibilities that need to be fulfilled in any project. We like to set clear expectations before a project starts about which party (Senscia/Client) will act in these roles. We are very flexible about who does what because no two clients are exactly the same. However, we prize efficiency and clarity so we are careful to avoid gaps and overlaps.

Could we use our own employees to do voiceovers or make video segments?

Sounds like a good way of increasing authenticity and buy-in for your messaging. We can certainly support that. We can offer coaching to presenters and help them to look their best. We have mobile video and voiceover recording capabilities.

Tailoring of content

We're still not quite sure what we really need yet. Can we just talk to you about it?

That’s not a surprise. It’s easy to get things wrong when buying eLearning. We would be delighted to talk you through the process of establishing your requirements. We are transparent and honest. There are lots of providers who will cut corners and give you a really cheap price. There are also lots of providers who will promise you what seems like a dazzling array of product choices at premium prices. We prefer to get things right to give you what you need, at a really high quality, so that it feels like money well spent, and which makes you want to come back and work with us again and again. It all starts for us by listening. We’ll ask some good questions along the way, that will help you think about issues and hopefully lead you to knowing your real needs precisely.

Do you make completely bespoke courses for organisations?

It’s what we excel at. Our customers tell us that they receive service that is often better than what their internal teams provide, but with a breadth of know-how and experience that brings real value. Try us. We’re pretty humble but our customers have said some heart-warming things about how our training courses have been received by their staff.

What if we wanted to include video of our CEO or staff members?

Great idea and we highly recommend it. We can provide mobile filming and recording facilities if needed. We’re also happy to work with content that you have recorded in-house or with local film companies (assuming the quality is of a reasonable standard).

One thing we think is very important is that anyone talking to camera makes use of a teleprompter and that the focal point for the video is set to the speaker’s eyes (and not some vague spot in the background!). In our experience, sound quality is always more important than video quality when it comes to having useful material to use.

Incidentally, in our experience, we have found spending time together with CEOs doing last minute tailoring of their scripts, to be one of the most useful periods of time to help them get a better understanding of the real purpose and benefits of risk management for their organisation. IOne client once told us that the entire cost of the eLearning project was worth it for the one hour of focused time we spent with their CEO.

Can we tailor an existing course to meet our organisation's specific requirements?

We are yet to offer off-the-shelf training courses but in the near future, we will certainly be able to amend these courses to take into account your particular needs (whether that is to add new content, or just to remove some pieces that are not-so-relevant).

Can you provide courses in other languages?

Yes. We can provide translating services into a wide range of languages. Or we can provide scripts which you can have translated in-house, if you have a predominant alternative language to English. Most importantly, it is important to think how alternative languages can be used. Will you be happy to simply use subtitling in the alternative language(s) or do you want to replace all of the voiceovers too (more expensive)?


Do you provide hosting services for courses you sell?

Yes we do. We can support an almost unlimited amount of users and courses on our own, fully-featured Learning Management System. Our prices are really competitive too.

Where are your hosting servers located, because we will want fast delivery of multimedia content?

We use a global Content Delivery Network (CDN), meaning that our applications and course content will be sitting on a high-speed network and server combination, very close to all of your locations. After all, what’s the point in making great courses full of really good content, if you have to wait ages for it to run on your computers? It adds a little to our running costs but it makes a huge difference in the quality of our product delivery.

Could we host courses on your LMS but it appears with our domain names and branding?

That is possible. Your staff will not be able to tell that the courses they are accessing are located somewhere other than your intranet.

Can you provide training metric reports with your courses?

Definitely. Reporting is a function of the Learning Management System (LMS). We have full control over designing reports hosted on our LMS. If you have your own LMS, we can insert a variety of information point triggers in the course materials which can be picked up in your LMS and reported on. We gather reporting requirements at the beginning of every project, so this need is never overlooked.

Do you provide certificates with your courses?

We provide course completion certificates according to a design we will agree with you. At this moment we do not provide Continuing Professional Eduction certificates for our courses because the cost for doing so, is usually higher than the perceived value they bring. But if it really matters as an incentive to your staff, we can look at CPE accreditations as part of the project.


How can we be sure your courses will work in our environment?

Before we even kick-off a new project, we send you a Technical Requirements form so we have a precise and detailed list of needs throughout the project. We use this information to help us calculate the cost of a project. It avoids any nasty surprises for you or for us, as the project progresses. We ask about the devices you use, your LMS, what sorts of browsers, security considerations, the kind of networks you run your eLearning over, whether we need to take into account any special needs your staff may have in terms of Accessibility, branding requirements, language considerations, testing etc. This document is the product of all the things we have learned from every other project we have done!

Accessibility requirements?

We know how to make our eLearning materials accessible to people who may be hearing or sight-impaired, or have other kinds of restrictions. Similarly, we understand issues to do with Dyslexia or even as basic as communicating with someone outside of their mother-tongue.

E-learning offerings

We make courses covering enterprise risks, privacy and security. Need something quick and cost-effective? This is the place to start looking.

Consultancy Services

Top management often appreciate having outsiders help make sense of changes in their business environment, to see the bigger picture of how risks can disrupt. Perhaps we can help put together a high impact briefing for you.

Face to Face Training

We have provided training for many large organisations and professional risk bodies, up to the most senior levels. How can we help you make a difference?

Awareness Campaign

For any message to become “the way we do things” it has to be reconfirmed, illustrated and repeated. We have a team of creative people who can work with you

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